Project October

If I had to pick a favorite month it would be October; the misty mornings, the final bursts of color, and (let’s be honest here) the pumpkin lattes all hold a special place in my heart. I simply haven’t been taking as many pictures lately and while I don’t really feel like I can commit to doing a second Project 365 anytime soon I decided I should be able to take at least 1 photo every day during my favorite month. I’ll be posting everything to my Flickr stream¬†as I go long, then a final collage here when I’m done.

1 down 30 to go!!

Project October Day 1

Last Days of Summer

I’ve had a bit of photographer’s block as of late and the few photos I have actually taken have been gathering digital dust in my computer. As usual I’m trying to work on too many different projects at once and don’t feel like I’m making real progress on any of them. It’s the start of a new week though and I still feel foolishly optimistic. Anyway, these have been my favorite shots from the last couple weeks:

DSC_0411 resized

DSC_0408 resized

DSC_0581 resized

DSC_0419 resized

DSC_0679 resized

Happy World Photography Day!!

Door County

I went on a super fun trip with friends to Door County last weekend. At this point I feel like it should surprise no one that I lovingly packed up my camera bag before I even started thinking about anything else :) . Some of our adventures were a little harshly lit (it also should surprise no one that I’m rather finicky about lighting) but we were at Peninsula State Park at just the right time.

DSC_0139 watermarked

DSC_0057 watermarked

Our last stop was probably where I got the most pictures. I seriously just want to pitch a tent and live out my days in Cave Point (County) Park, it was that beautiful there! Here’s hoping I can find a way to make it up there again in fall, I’m sure it’s even more gorgeous (if such a thing is possible)…

cave point watermarked

Cave Point dip 2 watermarked

DSC_0231 watermarked

Cave Point dip 1 watermarked

I just had to throw this last one in, we ended up driving by the same old abandoned house so many times that I rather fell in love with it and ended up calling it “my” house. I’m really quite lucky to have friends who indulge my craziness.

photo (2)


I was spending some time with one of my old forgotten loves, Afterlight (formerly Afterglow), when I discovered the new-to-me letter shaped crops. I’m sure I could easily do the same thing in Photoshop but (1) I was too lazy to feel like figuring it out and (2) most of the photos I wanted to use were already on my phone anyway. All I did was take some photos that said “summer” to me, figured out which I liked best with what letter, and assembled the results:




A New Subject

I’ve wanted to start doing more portrait photography for a while now, but since I don’t take pictures of people very often I’m not that great at it and since I’m not that great at taking pictures of people I don’t do it very often :) . Then one fine day I saw some pictures of a coworker’s ridiculously cute daughter and I came up with the idea of starting with really photogenic people so at least some of the pictures would be bound to turn out despite me. A week or two ago we had a really fun shoot and, while I know I have some room for improvement, I was quite pleased with how well everything went overall, especially considering it was my first “serious” attempt.

collage P

So cute and so well behaved!! I’m already looking forward to doing more portrait photography in the future.